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2014madeleineangevine2014 Madeleine Angevine

All stainless steel fermentation and aging

Malolatic: None

Fining: None

Filtering: Sterile

Residual Sugar: fermented to dryness

Alcohol: 11.2% by volume

Grape Source:

100% Madeleine Angevine
San Juan Vineyard Puget Sound AVA (Estate)
1.4 acres planted in 1996, own rooted, dry farmed
1.5 acres planted in 1998, own rooted, dry farmed
Harvest Date: October 12, 2014
Brix at Harvest: 18.2
Yeast: SVG

Cases Produced: 641

Bottling Date: April 2, 2015

Madeleine Angevine:

A crossing between Madeleine Royale and Precoce de Malingre by the Vibert nursery at Angers (Loire), the seedling was obtained in 1857. Moreau-Robert, the successor to Vibert, commercialized it in 1863. It was given to Ray Barrington Brock by the ‘Pully’ viticultural institute in 1957. At his Research Station at Oxted in Surrey he propagated from it and sold vines to several English vineyards. Gillian Pearkes, the doyenne of English vinegrowers, grew and promoted the variety during the 1970s and 1980s. Not only is it a widely grown variety in its own right but has claim to fame as one of the parents of Siegerrebe.

Madeleine Royale:

Variety grown in France and mainly used as a tablegrape. Quite large bunches; the grapes are round, medium sized and pearly white in color when fully ripened around mid-August. Its main claim to fame is one of the parents of Madeleine Angevine.

Precose de Malingre:

Has several synonym names, including frudher Malingre and Malingre Precose. Variety with long history in France. Described as having shrubby growth that responds best when pruned to six bud spurs as opposed to normal can pruning. Very early ripening and recommended for cool sites. Used to make a light white wine.